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The Extra Mile

Athletic Fitness Recovery Elastic Cotton Sports Tape

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  • Dealing With Muscle Tension
  • Helps With Lymphatic Drainage
  • Support Your Muscles During Exercise
  • Correct Common Problems
  • Activate The Endogenous Analgesia System


The Skin Needs To Be Moist But Not Wet Before The Tape Is Applied.

Stick The Tape On About An Hour Before You Exercise Or Shower. This Will Allow The Glue To Dry Completely.

Try To Avoid Overstretching The Tape When Applying, So As Not To Irritate The Skin.

Reactions To Tape Are Rare, But New Users Or Users With Sensitive Skin Should Be On The Watch For Signs Of Irritation.

After Sticking, The Tape Should Be Polished To Activate The Heat-Sensitive Adhesive. Do Not Use A Hairdryer To Activate The Glue.

The Athletic Tape Is Designed To Last 3-5 Days.

After An Hour Of Use, It Can Withstand Gymnastics And Showers Without Falling Off.